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Interesting facts about Randy Orton

Good news for all Randy Orton fans; you can now download his theme song to set as your ringtone or caller tone or just add to your playlist.

Randy Orton is the legend killer American professional wrestler, where he performs for WWE under SmackDown brand. He is third generation wrestler in his family, where his grandfather Bob Orton Sr., his father Bob Orton, and Uncle Barry Orton were part of the wrestling.

When the wrestlers are part of the WWE, they have many theme songs. Randy Orton also used the CM Punk’s “The Fire Burns” theme song as Randy Orton Theme Song in 2006, and now the WWE has found the theme song for Randy Orton “Voices.”

Randy Orton is a famous wrestler, and he is well known for his finishing moves, but when he finishes the game of wrestling people start yelling RKO, do you know what RKO is all about? RKO is his full name, Randal Keith Orton.

Are you aware that Randy Orton was the member of the USMC before he joined the Wrestling world? But, he was discharged and suspended from military for misconduct of behaviour. Soon after three years, WWE signed him for wrestling.

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“Voices” is the Randy Orton Theme Song and it has been the entrance song of the RKO where he speaks to his audience to stand up and raise the voices. The Randy Orton them Song download is all over the internet and people like it a lot.

Randy Orton theme song Download

Randy Orton is not a new star; he has been shining old and wise. Yes, the WWE superstar Randy Orton is a big thing now. He has a massive fan following and many titles to his name.

One of the most celebrated things about him is the theme song of Randy Orton.

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