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WWE CM Punk Theme Song Download

CM Punk also known as Phillip Jack Brooks is a retired WWE professional wrestler. CM Punk was the famous wrestler, and he was always honest about the feelings of not being the part of WWE wrestling.

“Cult of Personality” is the famous CM Punk theme song which has made fans gaga over his personal in the ring.

wwe cm punk theme song

CM Punks holds the record 434-day reign in his wrestling career which is the sixth longest reign record of all the time. He left the WWE career in 2014, and he disliked the job so much that he will never return to WWE. He married AJ Lee in 2014, and at the same time, he too got the termination letter from WWE. Since, both the husband and wife are not the part of WWE.

Another reason is that he confessed Triple H and the WWE management don’t behave well with the wrestlers, which made CM Punk never to return to WWE.

Cult of Personality and Titantron was the CM Punk theme song in 2012, and the CM Punk Theme Song Download counts were high at that time as he was the unbeatable reign champion of WWE.