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The world of wrestling entertainment never stops to amaze me. From the time I used to watch wrestling as a kid with stars like Tonga kid, Hulk Hogan, Rey Mysterio, Kane and many others.

Roman Reigns Theme Song


So you see I Have been following WWE since the time it was WWF.  

Talking about more recent times, Chris Jericho is one good entertainer and I find him with good potential to climb up the ladder, given he starts being a bit dramatic. And With the latest Break Down  The Walls theme song, Chris seems to follow the right direction.

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Chris Jericho and his unknown facts

Chris Jericho is the known name in the WWE wrestling championships. He has won several championships and fame among the fans, but there are several kinds of stuff which WWE would like all the fans to forget about the Chris Jericho.

“Break the Walls Down” is the famous Chris Jericho Theme Song, where he points to lose the limits and perform like never performed before.

Chris Jericho Theme Song

Do you know the fans in 2008 mobbed him? He slammed a lady in the ring, where the group of fans mobbed him and tried to hit him. He also pushed a fan as the fan rushed to him to hit him.

Another such event was that he was prisoned in 2010. He has to go to jail as he drank so much and went to fight publicly in the gas station. He had several issues with the Triple H, which made him walk away from the WWE main event. He was also in the shark cage, where he bowed down just to save his life.

Chris Jericho Theme Song has got a strong message in it, and the fans go crazy over the theme song. Chris Jericho theme song download is also the most famous one among the wrestling theme song charts.