WWE AJ Styles Theme Song Download – Full Ringtone

AJ Styles and his achievements

Is AJ Styles your favorite WWE star? great news for all AJ fans, you can now easily download AJ Styles theme song absolutely free.

AJ Styles also known as Allen Neal Jones is an American professional wrestler, he performs on the SmackDown brand under WWE. Styles first appearance in WWE was in 2002, but he turned down the deal. Then, he signed a multi-year contract of fourteen years in January 2016, where he won his first WWE Championship at Backlash.

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Let’s have a look at the achievements of the WWE AJ Styles theme song:

aj styles theme song

The Intercontinental Title

A.J Styles won the Intercontinental Title is one of the biggest career achievements for him. AJ Styles theme song was on a roll when Styles won the IC Title just before the SummerSlam.

Merchandise Sales

An Off-screen achievement for the wrestler is to rank high in the merchandise sales. This is one of the significant push for the wrestler, as the WWE always wants to make more money. The example is that WWE put up his Shirts to sell on Sunday night, and by Monday morning the stock is exhausted. Now, it can be that WWE didn’t produce many shirts for him, or he is so popular that fans are ready to buy it off.

Match of the Year Award

A.J Styles won the Match of the Year award in 2016 when he was competing against the legit great wrestler in the ring Seth Rollins. This is one of the biggest achievements for the Styles in his career.

WWE Title Shot

AJ Styles song was sung by the audience when he had a WWE title shot. The title shot is one on one match with the WWE Champion, but this is what the A.J Styles was aiming for. This title proves that how much ambitious he is for the wrestling and how much popular he is among his fans. He is always at the number one contender of WWE champion as per WWE.

How to download AJ Styles theme song

I guess there won’t be many WWE followers who are not a fan of AJ Styles, especially the younger lot. His most talked about debut in 2016 to his charismatic performances both have charmed the audience.

But one thing that has gone viral about him is the AJ Styles entrance music. Yes, that’s the truth. As soon as he enters the stage, his infamous theme song gets the audience grooving.

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If like me, you too are a diehard fan of AJ Styles, download the AJ styles entrance song now.

AJ Styles is acclaimed to be one of the finest wrestlers in the ring, although The management doesn’t give him much chance to prove so. Yet, the fans of AJ are smitten by his style and his moves.

What better tribute to this great star, than having his entrance song in your mobile.

Thanks to the AJ styles music MP3 download, setting the superstar’s entrance music as your mobile ringtone is s now very simple.

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What a lovely feeling to have his entrance music played on your phone when he enters the ring, even when you are watching from home.

This is something fans have been looking for a while now, and now it’s out. So go and grab it now.